Thursday, 20 May 2010

A momentary appearance before hibernating again.

Hi. Howsit going?

It's been a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong while since I last updated. This is not because I've been busy and this just took a back seat in my imaginary car that I would like to be real. I just really couldn't be bothered with this. Until now. Briefly.

Since the last time I told you of my life, I've been continuing with my studies at college. That has been rewarded with an A in my media studies coursework ( and a failed chemistry mock with only a couple of weeks to turn it around and pass the damn subject.

That was the two bread slices in my sandwich of the Spring term.

Easter was spent mostly in Kenya, and the holiday became extended because of Iceland being unable to control its volcano. We didn't go on Safari, as it was our fourth visit in the past 8 years, but the wildlife pretty much came to us at our hotel on the coast (; with monkeys, snakes and butterflies as well as the sea life just a hundred meters away appearing almost daily. All that came at the expense of my ears. I had a horrible ear infection for the entire holiday and turns out, according to my doctor back home, that I had an inner and outer ear infection as well as a lot of congestion in those tubes that all join together by my throat. Is cool though, I was on a course of antibiotics and I have a huge supply of ear drops to sort out any little problems I may get in the near future.

At the moment, I'm entering the final phase of my A/S levels. One more day of A/S lessons (tomorrow) and then study leave, for which I'm revising for six exams. It's not because my subjects are incredo demanding and require several exams. It's more that they're incredo demanding and I decided to re-take two of them after I didn't do as well as I wanted in the January exams. I'm re-taking my Biology and History exams, and I have the exams that I need to get at least an E in to be able to go into the A2 course. After all this mayhem is over, I have four weeks of A2 lessons before breaking up for summer. What's silly though, is I have to continue all four for those four weeks even though I am to drop one at the end of this academic year anyway. There reason for this is if I fail one  of the exams, it is compulsory for me to continue the other three that I didn't fail (provided I didn't fail the other three). My argument, however, is the subject I want to drop is chemistry, and it is also the subject I am most likely to fail in any case. What is the point in torturing me for another four weeks with that irritatingly difficult subject?

Anyways, that is my life since February.

Expect another update, next year. LOL JK. When I'm 18.