Thursday, 29 July 2010

The one late at night

Can't sleep for some unknown reason, so what do I do? This of course. Aren't you lucky?

It's very much summer, which brings for me this year a handful of music events and the "dreaded" exam results.
You may recall, back some time ago - you know, that time I did a one off update? Yeah, that one, that I had taken a number of exams at A/S level. Well, in just two weeks time, I will be finding out how I did. There is no concern that I have failed subjects, just how far off was I to the grades I was really aiming for, and that is usually just 4 or 5 marks in it.

But to keep the worry that people expect me to be having, I have some musical events taking place. The first being from the 5th August to the 8th. During that time, I will be stewarding at the Cambridge Rock Festival. That's a few hours of work a day, then the rest of the day to chill to live music. I'm camping with a friend on the site, who helped me get a place working there this year. It was after we decided to share a tent that I then saw him join a group on facebook called "you're not best friends until you've spooned". Groovy.

I'm then seeing Pendulum perform at the Cambridge Corn Exchange, and if you may not have noticed, I live in Cambridge, but that's just a small detail about me. Following that, I'm off to London to see Bad Religion at the o2... this is their first UK tour in a long long long long long long long long long long LONG time, so I would be foolish not to go see them seeing as I'm a fan, no?

I was also planning on seeing Sonic Boom Six when they were coming to Cambridge, but as they're performing in a pub, I have to be 18. This really pissed me off. On the day of them playing, I will be less than two months away from turning to the big 1-8, so I think they should make an exception. What d'you think?

But before that fun filled August, I haven't had that much to do, so I've been spending my time watching Family Guy and learning to Juggle. I was hoping learning to juggle would take a couple of weeks to get the hang of, but I seemed to manage it on the first day of learning and I've just been practicing since and improving slightly. So I may start learning how to coin roll.

Anyway, my rock and roll classics album is nearly over, and I had promised myself that I would try to sleep when it finished. This is goodbye then, until I decide to write another one of these things.

Hope all is well to these followers that I have, and to those who may come across this blog by chance -  and I hope that those people read my other blogs and decide to follow me for the next time I update.

Talking of updates, I just joined twitter. I'm not sure if I'll be consistent with that as I am with this, but look for me: Baaaaaaaangus is my username.

Until next time,

Toodles x