Thursday, 24 December 2009

The Christmas one.

So, it's near enough Christmas Day. Just over an hour to go really. I have however already done my tearing open presents. Was quite a good turnout this year; though I have been told I'm expensive. Eh. Oh well.

This be what I gotted:
A Totoro soft toy.
A Newton's Cradle.
A book of Bon Jovi sheet music, specifically from their 'Have a Nice Day' album.
'Dexter by Design' by Jeff Lindsay.
Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games for NDS.
3 Studio Ghibli DVDs.
Slipknot's self titled Album
£10 from my Aunt
Some flannel things for when you shower.

So yeah, really happy with that. I'm also expecting a pair of trackies from a friend, as I asked for a pair. This does not make me chavy, I just want to be able to be compfy in the house, not that jeans aren't, but sometimes they're effort.

Going to make my way to bed now, so I bid you a goodnight and a merry christmas; whatever that means from an atheist.


Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The one that builds up to christmas.

One thing I truly appreciate about term time and the early mornings of college is how it manages to keep me in a regular sleeping pattern. Once the holidays start, hello afternoons and midnights and "what the fudge is a morning?".

My grandmother and sister went shopping today. They got home just before lunch. This is when I decided my sister should be banned from activities that get her the slightest bit angsty. A kick in the leg just for helping her with the door. Her justification for this violent outburst was that I was holding the door closed. Her logic baffles me and she still hasn't said sorry.

Today is my Christmas eve in comparison to everyone else (that celebrate Christmas); in the Parks house, we open pressies on Christmas eve. Not because we're weird, but because it's German tradition. The majority of the house has German blood mixed in with everything else that makes us a Parks and, well, who wouldn't want a good excuse to open his or her presents a day early?

Also, as we're atheist, we don't have any of that Christmas tree and silly bright light stuff. We have a fire in the lounge, a glass of gluhwine and we have all the presents in a bin liner (that hasn't been used...) and we each take it in turn to pull a present out of the bag and then give it to the person it is meant for.

Now this post has reached it's end. I hope whoever is reading this has a very happy christmas, those that are not reading will just not have the joy of a great christmas, only an ok one.

I'll let ye all know what I recieved tomorrow when the Parks family has dished out the goods.


To Tofu...

Just thought I would add a brief post to mark the FIRST follower of my blogs.

Thanks Sophie

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Sibling bonding time.

Yesterday I went to town with my sister and her boyfriend. Sure, it's a bit odd to be a single person hanging out with a couple, but my sister wants me and her boyfriend, Sam, to get a long better; if that's possible.

We made our way into town fairly early, much too early for my liking and I woke up with only 40 minutes to make myself presentable for the rest of the world. The weather recently in the area has been cold with several layers of snow falling every now and then. Quite rightly, the bus services became even worse than usual, because the drivers of these big vehicles have clearly not been trained to deal with such bad weather.

When walking the streets of central Cambridge, the sight of the three of us was, in it's bleakest form, my sister linking arms with me and Sam and trudging along at just a faster pace than a snail on steroids. On the many cutbacks made by the council, there was no grit laid onto the paths and sidewalks, so it made the usual wallk to the shops more a fun time for drunk spectators than a casual strol.

We later left Sam at the bus station, and Rosemarie and I got a bus to go to a smaller town to go to the garden store to get grandmother a plant for christmas. A few days before I had made an agreement with my friend that if he got me a pair of trackies for lounging around in the house, I would get him two hoop rings for his sudden need of ear piercings. I chose to forget what he wanted, and got him a cactus called Arnold. This gives him the chance to see if he has what it takes to handle big responsibilities and I told him, cacti are not just for christmas, they're for life.

Of course, the bad bus services were made even worse by a new surge of snowfall. We were stuck in one stretch of road for half an hour and when we got to our stop, it was at blizzard levels. I had chosen to not carry Arnie in a carrier bag, and there was one moment when there was concern that Arnie may not make it. But, I am happy to say, Arnie made it and is now happily resting in the kitchen waiting to be handed over to his new owner.

The first one.

Hey y'all.

Pretty much, I decided to start bloggin' because I was up late, had got bored of listening to my music (which doesn't happen very often) and there was nobody to talk to on my IM services. Then, I had the amazing idea of copying a friend of mine who seems to get a good kick out of making these things; credits to Sophie Brown.

Anyway, hi, I'm Angus. I'm a 17 year old from Cambridge who seems to have discovered another way to waste time on the internet. I am currently in my first year of College, studying Chemistry, Biology, History and Media Studies. I also play the piano and on occasion upload my piano antics onto youtube, which you can check out here: I would like to note that I created that account a few years ago which partly explains the very silly account name AND it was made in panic when every other name I tried was denied because someone had already used it.

Outside of broadening my intellectual horizons, I tend to play snooker and relatively similar games, and follow football. But mostly, I spend my time on the computer, of which I have two, a laptop and a desktop computer however the PC is on holiday at the moment, in Germany, as it recently went into a coma and needed the best medical attention urgently.

A vague introduction to my family... I live with my grandparents and occasionally my sister when she is not at university. My father, whom I do not know personally, but I have been told he is quite the dodgey character, lives in the states somewhere. My mother sadly died just over 10 years ago, which explains why I now live with her parents.

Well, that was me. Sorta. At least it will give you an ok perspective of who I am when reading later blogs I may or may not make (depending on whether I remember making this account in the morn.). Thanks for reading up to here so far, I shan't keep you any longer.

Until next time.