Saturday, 28 August 2010

Music music music. Oh, and A/S levels.

In the last post I said that there was no concern of failing my exams, just how far off I was from getting the grades I would like. Well, I was right in my presumption, and was 2 and a half marks from getting my B in Biology; 4 marks off an A in Media; the B that I did want in History I got, as well as getting the D that I would be happy to get in Chemistry. So I was 50% there with my dream results.

But that was all tucked nicely in between lots of live music events. The first being the 5 nights at the Cambridge Rock Festival. It was fantastic, and I was oh-so happy to hear Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Comfortably Numb live, even if it wasn't the real Pink Floyd. It was magic, especially as I heard Comfortably Numb twice, as a full band performance, and then as an acoustic guitar solo. I met Pure Floyd after, and they appreciated the fact that I was a new generation of people enjoying that music, and shook my hand for having wonderful taste. Later I saw another band, a local one, called the Treatment. They're a bit like Escape the Fate, and were fun to watch. I then had a few beers with them after.

I also met people who eventually formed the friendship group we call the Crack On Squad, which consists of Crack On, Buhlebamangwe, Nandos, GayJ, Bangus (me), Shabalaalala, Ginge, Mad Uncle Minkey and Ben.  We all had nicknames, mainly because there were two guys called Alex, and, to my amazement, two Angus'.  Having two guys called Alex is common, but Angus? It's unheard of unless in Scotland.

After Cambridge Rock Fest, I went with my sister to see Bad Religion in London. We went by coach to Victoria, but were held in a traffic jam due to a fateful accident up on the road, we saw the result of the accident, and it didn't look so bad to have the road closed for at least an hour and a half. It didn't matter anyway, we got to the venue on time, and met my sister's friend there who would actually rape the Band members of Bad Religion if given the right opportunity. He loves them that much. Anyway, we were in the seated area, and, with everyone else there, had to endure the awful support band. They just had no variety in short. When Bad Religion came on though, all was forgotten and we partied as much as one can when sitting down. After, I bought a t-shirt that is bright red and has a picture of two Nuns getting it on. I've been banned by my family from wearing it in public which I think is rather unfair, if a Nun has issues with it, she can take it up with me. And if a woman has issues of my t-shirt having two women making out on it, then she can wear a t-shirt of two guys having it on. What ever floats your boat yeah?

Three days later I went to see PENDULUM. I went with my friend who I was also with at the Cambridge Rock Fest, but this time I was second choice; he had split with his girlfriend from Southampton, and she no longer wanted to go, so sold me her ticket. Again, the support band were rubbish, and probably even worse than the one for Bad Religion, but oh well, it was soon forgotten when P came on stage. As soon as P came on stage, though, I got a horrible stomach pain. I seem to have this problem at gigs, I get stomach pains. I sat out at the bar for a while, drinking water, then went back into the crowd and straight to were the pit was. I moshed, I circle moshed, and then I crowd surfed. I was taken down by security, and led to a fire exit. So, there I was, standing outside, with no clothes on waist up, and it was raining and near enough half 10 at night. After the shock of being thrown out, I went to the front entrance and went back in again to have more moshing fun.

And that was pretty much my August. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed living it.

Toodles xxx

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