Thursday, 24 December 2009

The Christmas one.

So, it's near enough Christmas Day. Just over an hour to go really. I have however already done my tearing open presents. Was quite a good turnout this year; though I have been told I'm expensive. Eh. Oh well.

This be what I gotted:
A Totoro soft toy.
A Newton's Cradle.
A book of Bon Jovi sheet music, specifically from their 'Have a Nice Day' album.
'Dexter by Design' by Jeff Lindsay.
Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games for NDS.
3 Studio Ghibli DVDs.
Slipknot's self titled Album
£10 from my Aunt
Some flannel things for when you shower.

So yeah, really happy with that. I'm also expecting a pair of trackies from a friend, as I asked for a pair. This does not make me chavy, I just want to be able to be compfy in the house, not that jeans aren't, but sometimes they're effort.

Going to make my way to bed now, so I bid you a goodnight and a merry christmas; whatever that means from an atheist.


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