Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The one that builds up to christmas.

One thing I truly appreciate about term time and the early mornings of college is how it manages to keep me in a regular sleeping pattern. Once the holidays start, hello afternoons and midnights and "what the fudge is a morning?".

My grandmother and sister went shopping today. They got home just before lunch. This is when I decided my sister should be banned from activities that get her the slightest bit angsty. A kick in the leg just for helping her with the door. Her justification for this violent outburst was that I was holding the door closed. Her logic baffles me and she still hasn't said sorry.

Today is my Christmas eve in comparison to everyone else (that celebrate Christmas); in the Parks house, we open pressies on Christmas eve. Not because we're weird, but because it's German tradition. The majority of the house has German blood mixed in with everything else that makes us a Parks and, well, who wouldn't want a good excuse to open his or her presents a day early?

Also, as we're atheist, we don't have any of that Christmas tree and silly bright light stuff. We have a fire in the lounge, a glass of gluhwine and we have all the presents in a bin liner (that hasn't been used...) and we each take it in turn to pull a present out of the bag and then give it to the person it is meant for.

Now this post has reached it's end. I hope whoever is reading this has a very happy christmas, those that are not reading will just not have the joy of a great christmas, only an ok one.

I'll let ye all know what I recieved tomorrow when the Parks family has dished out the goods.


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