Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The first one of "20-10"

Happy New Year!

I'm not really one of those people who thinks that a new year is a new start. If it were a new start, you would be relocated, memory erased and given a new family and restored to a baby. Otherwise there would be no way you can have a new start without the past influencing you on your decisions.

Anyways, I wasn't really going to talk about that. Just really update on the college front and weather, as I am a quarter English; I'm allowed to set aside a quarter of this post about weather.

College has got to that stage where I am a real part of the place and have a routine, a place to hang out with friends, lesson buddies and new guys to the friendship group. BUT, the whole thing is being put on hold because of the word every student hates to hear, even more than the work that is done at home (homework xD): exams.

So, really quite basic, I have 4 subjects that I am interested in. I now have to be examined in 3 of them. Chemistry, I find interesting. Hard, but interesting. The subject however is asking me for 1hour 15mins of my time on Thursday next week to answer questions and then a further hour (or more) being practically assessed. Right now, chemistry is my worst enemy.

Biology is asking for the same amount of time from me to answer questions, next Tuesday. A bit easier than Chemistry. It's less equations and more logic. I can do that. The revision though is more for the benefit of getting a good mark, which I am aiming for.

History. Ah, history. I had a really good feeling about history; up until the last week of term before Christmas and quite specifically, today. On the first day back from the holidays I was given the great opportunity to have a timed mock in history class. I am normally quite good at doing history essays. I just found out though that I am rubbish with time and I think I only just scraped a pass grade. Joy. My handwriting speed has declined since secondary school.

Fortunately Media requires less of my time as it is more hands on in getting an overall grade. 75% of my final grade, I think, comes from practical coursework. That just means making videos with friends and making it seem really professional. I'm not one to blow my own trumpet, but I am quite darn good at making videos look BBC style. A job in that department looks quite likely.

The weather has finally decided we need snow again. Not a lot, but enough for me to go home early today and take some time aside to write this blog. I don't particularly feel like filling up a quarter of this blog with weather now, my fingers are feeling quite blogged out, so I shall speak more some other time.

Maybe not though, I might try and decapitate myself with my fountain pen during a history exam.

In which case my sister shall keep this blog going xD

Toodles xx

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  1. Oh Angus, I hate History so much at the moment! I am seriously not looking forward to the exam. I think I'm going to fail it simply because I'm shit at revising and shit at remembering the tiny details that get the marks. Oh, and I'm crap at the massive essay type question! xD How you took it A level is beyond me! x