Thursday, 21 January 2010

A good thing, a better thing and a crap thing.

Thursdays are the second most looked forward to days in my week, straight after Saturday. It is the first day, before Saturday, where I get a good lie in.

Today, I woke up half an hour after my alarm clock time. Which, at first I thought was bad, but it didn't matter; I got to the bus stop on time. I also, this morning, got the mobile phone I had ordered on Tuesday evening. A nice Samsung C3050 stratus. Purple in colour. I don't particularly like dull colours any more; I've never liked white electricals and black is now EURGH in my view. See how I've grown up?

Anyway, this phone is a lot better than my previous, which had become unreliable; it phoned people when on lock and the battery just seemed to die after 2 minutes. When it was on speaker, it didn't speak. When it was on vibrate, it didn't vibrate and when it was on silent, it worked. What the hell?!

This new phone, though, has a bluetooth that works and is the first phone I've ever had that has the ability to take pictures. I'ma getting hip.

That was the good thing.

The better thing that happened today would be the news that a girl, whom I believed to be dead for over a year, was in fact alive. That didn't make me happy as I thought it would though, as I was quite attached to the girl in question, in fact it made me quite angry for being played for a fool and being quite miserable for a long time in 2009. But knowing she was alive was good and the fact that there was a lot of bad feeling lifted off me was good. I can now be more happy than usual and not feel guilt for having done something to a girl.

The bad thing that happened today, which wasn't exactly bad, but will have bad consequences on Monday, was History today. We didn't have our regular teacher today, she was off ill, instead having another history teacher covering. She left the class letting us "get on with the work" and made us write our names on a sheet to show who was there that lesson and who was not. Halfway through the lesson, when she was not in the room, 3/4 of the class just got up and left to go home early. She managed to catch the stragglers who tried to leave, and then made not of the guys who were left behind. The bad news in all of this, is that when it comes to Monday morning (my least favourite day of the entire week) and Ruth, the regular, returns, I will get earache for being a good boy. I hate shouting.

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  1. I'm glad you got a dandy phone - you deserve one! xD

    My sister convinced me that this guy I know was dead a few years back, and when he added me on facebook I sort of freaked out! xD I then saw him in person just before 2010...

    My History teacher gets so enthusastic about JFK that he ends up getting really horrible about Khrushchev and shouts loads in an aggresive tone. I hate those lessosn - they make me feel really bad and tearful. I can't wait to leave those lessons to be totally honest.