Saturday, 16 January 2010

(I forgot to put a title again)

Today, was uneventful. I woke up at 9 in the morning, the latest I've slept in alllllll week. I had a wash and all that stuff, then I left to catch the bus. It was raining. It was windy. My bike's chain has rusted over. It struggled. I struggled. But I managed to get to the bus stop on time. Wheeeeey. I rode the bus only to Linton, then trudged through torrential rain to the little hair salon. 20 minutes later, I exited the salon with 2 inches less hair. I ventured past one bus stop, thinking that I would get soggy waiting for a bus to be late. I would like to mention now that I was overtaken by some joggers. I walked past a one way turning to see that the bus had driven up that road. This made me run in torrential rain and howling winds to the next stop that I had chosen to go to anyway because it had a roof. I ran uphill, I ran and leaped over puddles. I over took the joggers who were only going at my steady walking speed when I am not harassed by severe weather conditions. I reached the bus shelter. I sheltered. For two minutes. I was that fast.

I got back to my stop and proceeded to make the bike trip home. It wasn't as bad as earlier. The rain had died down. When I got home I had a well deserved shower.

That was pretty much all that happened to me today. Except that I dressed up as a pirate. I had a fun Saturday. In the next couple of weeks the Parks house will be accommodating an 18 year old German student hoping to improve his English. He's staying with the Parks family. There is no hope, there's only certainty. His family is well off according to our family in Germany, and they aren't shy about saying so. They sent us two big parcels yesterday containing delicious German food goodies and Sven, the guy coming to stay, is enthusiastic in buying me a Snooker cue as a gift seeing as I'm a Pool/Snooker enthusiast. He also wants to go to London several times with me, hoping that I will show him the sites of interest, take him to the good shops and all that stuff. I am a foreigner to my capital. I don't know where ANYTHING is. Good thing I can read a map.

Why can't he just want to see Cambridge? ...huh? There is more to Cambridge than just the Grafton and Grand Arcade? Where are all these places that apparently dwell in my City?!

That's all that happened worth telling this time round.

My name is Angus Parks and you've just been told.

Toodles X

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