Monday, 11 January 2010

There is no title. Only what you wish to be is a title. This makes complete sense.

Last night, being the good little teenager that I am, I went to bed at 9pm. NINE FRICKING PM. Just so I wouldn't be tired come early morning start today. It only became apparent, however, that when I was getting dressed and all those other things I do in the morning, I hadn't packed my bag. This is unusual because I hahahahaHATE preparing my necessary books on the morning of the day. It is a rush and not nice to think about in the mornings. I just want to grab my bag and be out of the house.

That was the first hiccough of the day.

On Saturday I went to Cambridge with my Grandmother to replace my boots because after two months they were already showing signs of falling to pieces, literally to pieces. When we got the money back for these boots (shame, I liked those boots), we went all around the town looking for a replacement pair. We looked in pretty much every shoe shop in Cambridge, and in the end bought a new pair from New Look. These boots, on first sight seemed quite sensible with a punk look to them. Wear them outside on a cold, frosty and still snow ridden landscape however, and you have yourself a death wish. No grip on them what so ever. I only found this out after I got off my bike at the bus stop (where I also found I left my keys to lock the bike at home) and attempted to walk the 50 yards to the bus shelter. I struggled, really, really struggled. When I reached the bus shelter, I checked the bottom of my boots to check if they were caked with ice, only to look up and see the bus coming. I stick my arm out to indicate I want that bus and the drive continues. Right past me.

Thoroughly pissed off, I struggled back to my bike and cycled home. I didn't have enough speed going to get up the little slop of my drive, and had to walk up; again struggling. I changed to my converses and got a lift to Linton, a town further on in the bus route towards Cambridge and my college. I waited 20 minutes for the bus to arrive, and another hour for it to stop and my stop in town.

After this incident though I had a good day. My grandma took my boots to a cobblers and they put on some grip to them, I finished my Media work and I have revised big time for my Biology exam for tomorrow. All this with time to spare to update you [3] all.

I hope you had better starts to your Monday and I spose I shall blog again in a week's time.

Toodles xx

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  1. Diddums... xD

    I'd tell you about my CRAP Monday, but I'm probably going to blog about it soon, so you'll just have to wait! New look shoes look good, but everypair I have (including the plimsoles) I've had to etch into the bottom with a knife or scissors! (Y)