Friday, 26 February 2010

Oh, oh, oh? It's another blog from me.

I always seem to find that when I come to actually write something on here, I forget what I wanted to talk about. So, I think I'll just quickly summarise my recent eventful moments until I remember something, worth while.

My half term turned out to be rather mediocre, with only a few moments of fun stuff happening. On the Tuesday afternoon of h/t, I had some guys over for what we call "Domino's Night". We order pizzas from domino's, we eat the pizzas, we do something manly and then they go home. This is our get together thing, we've done it several times since May of 2009, when we didn't want to go to a huuuuuge party in a nearby village that would definitely have drunken sex, drugs and bad music to celebrate the end of our GCSE tenure. We decided to have a sort of picnic on the grounds of another village's village hall where, on a Friday, a youth club takes place. We all had a really good time so, every now and then since that Friday in last year's May, we've had get togethers to have pizza and just chill to some music and do "manly" things. It's also nice to have such a thing with a tight circle of friends.

The manly things, if you're wondering what they are, would be playing xbox, drinking a few beers or some other man-beverage, and maybe a bit of pool or snooker. So far, there has been 5 of these domino's nights.

Other than that in my half term, the only other eventful thing that happened was meeting up with my good friend, yet druggy, sex addict and smoker, Will. I wouldn't say that Will and I are emotionally connected, but we have a good understanding of each other and there is no conflict between us. He's like my bit on the side, because we can do things to each other without feeling guilty. I have realised that this sounds very much like sex, but I assure you it isn't.

Anyway. I returned back to college, and resumed the repetitive routines that I have for each day. I'm not saying I don't enjoy it though; the Mario Kart DS races I have with my friends just makes it all go that much faster for me. Judge me all you want about bringing in a game console to amuse myself, but, I probably have more fun than the rest of the 1000+ students in my college.

Yeah. I can't remember anything significant to mention, so I'll leave it there.

Have a nice weekend!

Toodles xx

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