Sunday, 7 February 2010


Sunday has long been regarded as 'the day of rest' by Christians. I completely agree on atheist grounds that it should be as well. There are however the silly little factors that the wife has to continue feeding the family, but on a much larger scale with a 'Sunday Roast' to celebrate this day where we 'rest'. I enjoy roasts, really I do. But, if it contradicts with what the day is designed to be, then surely we should just not bother?

This leads me to talk about my lazy Sundays.

My Sundays involve waking at a leisurely time of 9:30-11:30, going for a wash, retreat to my room for a while to get dressed into a pair of trackies and a comfortable hoody then proceed downstairs to make myself a Mocha. The rest of the day, if I have successfully managed to do my college work on Saturday, is mine to make do with how I want. This usually involves just playing computer games (Assassin's Creed, Pes 10, Guitar Hero 3 etc.), playing the piano, a few games of pool with my granddad if the snooker table is out and Facebook.

By now, most people have been exclaiming that they have a new facebook layout and it's not that great. I got this new layout late on Thursday night, and I did not hear of anyone else having this new layout scheme, which makes me feel strongly that I was the first to get this new layout. I can also honestly say, I like it. It goes with the theme of my internet browser, it is more vista/ windows 7 themed than before and just looks simpler to use than previously.

My only annoyance about facebook though is they made my profile be 'down for maintenance' for the entire Friday. For a guy who spends a great amount of his day on facebook, this was really quite an undesirable outcome. I tried doing other things to keep myself amused  but with no avail. Facebook has officially become to important for me.

At this point in the blog, I would like to point out that I do have a social life, that isn't organised over facebook, I just enjoy leaving the status updates that I leave. Of course, twitter would be better for this, but most of my friends are on facebook and they are my desired audience as they know what I'm like in the first place. It's like an inside joke but more personal.

I actually didn't join facebook till late June of '09. Before this turning point, I thought facebook as a lame website like bebo (which I do not have) or myspace (also do not have), and naturally I hadn't signed up. It was because of my ex girlfriend that I joined in fact, as she thought I was missing out on all the action (I still do miss out on most of the action, the difference is that now I can see what I'm missing when my friends upload the pictures). I joined, I left a status update. I was hooked from there on. It was then to my dismay that when I was in China, and had internet access, I couldn't get onto facebook - even when using a proxy. At least I was able to send the many emails I had written to my ex that I couldn't have done without the internet.

Anyway, that was my tale of my experiences of facebook and my Sunday.

But I would like to leave you all with a little something before my next blog, cause I'm nice that way and I want to promote my videos on Youtube even more. Oh yeah, by the way, I'm also on Youtube. Here's a video of mine:

Watch it, rate it, subscribe if you can. I don't upload as often as I used to, and I have removed a number of the videos that I had uploaded because I thought I could do better, then never got round to doing the better ones.

Anyway, this time, I am really finishing my blog, of this time round.

Toodles! xx

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  1. haha Already subscribed! ^.^

    Sunday is always my least preductive day. Oh, and I read out the opening paragraph to Mother who laughed (in a nice way). We both agree!

    I woke up at 15.30 today, and like all Sundays, I try to do homework but never do much as I have to watch 'Being Human' and 'Got To Dance' xD I never seem to do any homework, yet I always seem to have something to give in, which doesn't really make sense!