Wednesday, 3 February 2010

This is what I do when I have nada for History essays.

So, Sven has gone back home. Having been here for two weeks, although a short time to learn English, he succeeded in improving my career in my Pes10 account. He constantly made the same mistakes, found that he had less English than I do French, which is very little, and couldn't have possibly have been able to get by on if he went out on his own. 

But, that's no longer my problem anymore. Unless his family invite me to go and stay at theirs during the summer. Eurgh. 

Lunch time at college is very simple. At the end of the period before lunch, I head to the main building, go down the corridor in the direction of the canteen, take a left before though and find myself in the internet cafe. No. I do not spend my time on a computer. I grab a table and several chairs in order to play cards with my college buddies. We play very simple games, most of the time. 21, Cheat, Shithead... but, one game, that I introduced, has taken the guys by storm. It's called penetration  and by damn is it fun. I'll try and explain the game. I'll do it in bullet points I think.

  • The dealer deals out all the cards to all the players, face down. 
  • Person to the left of the dealer lays down a card, face up, declaring it "Ace". 
  • The person after, then lays down a card, again face up (always face up) and declares it "2"
  • This continues around the players, going 3, 4, Smurf, 6, Snap, 8, 9, 9, Jack, King, Queen, Ace... 
  • No, I haven't made any mistakes in my card number listings. You've just been wrong in how the number system has worked most of your conscious life. 
Now the complicated part.
  • If the player who lays down the same card he/she declares, then everyone slams the pack, as in the simplistic game snap,  the person who is clearly the one who has his/her hand on top of all the other hands, has to pick up the cards that are on the table.
  • If, however, this player is joint on top with another player, they have 3 seconds to penetrate into the pile of hands. Be warned, fingernails break and claw.
  • Another way to get a slam, is if you lay the same card as the previous player. 

Extra complexity
  • When a player runs out of cards, he/she is not out. When the declaration of the card comes to him/her, he continues to declare, but: his declaration is invisible. This allows two things to happen:
  • 1) If the card on top (laid by the person before the player without cards) is the same as the card number the player with the 'invisible' cards, then you slam.
  • 2) If the 'invisible' card isn't the same as the card on the table, everyone ignores it. Therefore, if the person who next plays down a card that is the same as the card as on the table/ the same card number as the card declared, you can slam the cards on the table.
If you have successfully followed the rules so far, here are some extra snippets of how one can foul in the game:
  • If you slam the cards when it isn't slam-able, pick em' up.
  • If you take a go out of hand, such as forgetting that some guy is on 'invisibles'
  • You wrongly say which card you're declaring, eg 5 (whatever that is) instead of Smurf, or 7 instead of Snap. 
  • Getting the king and queen order mixed up.
One final note, any 10 laid down, burns the pack. And the player who laid the 10, starts again with Ace. 

Full credit goes to Dan Carne, a best bud, for creating this game. 

For all you peeps reading this. Play it with people who enjoy moshing. That's all I can really compare the painful slams to. 

Until next time, 

Toodles xx


  1. Kinda confused, but it's nice to get an insight into your ickle college life! xD

  2. Once you get the hang of it. You'll be addicted. I managed to learn it in one game, though I lost cause all the other peeps had played before and knew what was going on.

  3. Oh No! Poor Mr Angus Man =(
    Losing is not in your nature!
    You'd win against me any day ^.^